POS software serves many objectives like inventory and purchase order management etc

Published: 09th September 2011
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Point of sale is a place and time taken together where the exchange of goods and money actually takes place. Most of the retail shoppes have point of sale or POS near to exit gate of the shopping complex. Modern inventory and cash management techniques include use of following equipment to manage Point of sale process Bar code scanners, Cash registers, Receipt printer and POS software. Various versions of POS software is available for different industries like Fashion POS, Hospitality POS.

POS software works in integration with all the other equipments used in any point of sale system. It enable user to feed inputs in order to prepare bills and other required documents. Working procedures of different POS software is different as Fashion POS and Hospitality POS needs to interpret things differently. Purpose of any POS software is to provide time saving and convenience to the organisations and retail chains. Use of POS software is not limited to only preparation of bills and other customer receipts but POS software works as inventory monitoring, stock keeping, cash discount calculators and many more solutions to businesses from retail industry to fashion and hospitality. Hospitality POS aids in quick work in no time as there are different softwares available for different jobs in the restaurant such as a software for food service, for management, for bar service and the list goes on... Automated restaurant software contributes greatly towards efficient management and operations of the restaurants.

POS software accepts customers payment in different payment modes like electronic checks, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, electronic benefit transfer cards, and check guarantee services. With such a choice businesses benefit from an increased likelihood of impulse buying, better accounting of inventory, and a reduction in labor costs. But as mentioned earlier it is only one of many tasks modern POS software do for businesses. Tasks like Issue purchase orders to buy goods, Create inventory records and SKUs via the purchase order, Receive goods against the purchase order, On hand stock levels are increased based upon receiving, Print price tag with bar codes, Perpetual Inventory is automatically maintained and other numerous functions.

Custom made Point of sale software are also available in the market. Custom made POS software are especially designed software developed according to special needs of any particular industries for example fashion POS for fashion and garment industry and hospitality POS for restaurant, take aways, Cafes and Pizza Retailers, Food & Grocery bars and hotels. Each POS software is different from other in certain aspects like working procedure and work interface etc. Latest POS softwares work on touch based applications also.

What you should look in fashion POS and Hospitality POS ? While going to install any POS software for your fashion shop or hospitality venture you must look for following characteristics of POS software - Life in the restaurant industry is extremely fast paced, and with every new day comes new emergencies: training employees, handling rush hour crowds, compiling reports and keeping track of your costs. There is no tool to predict future hindrances also but by adopting good hospitality POS you can stand one step ahead. Look for operating system compatibility, Performance speed and various reports which can be generated by Fashion POS of Hospitality POS. Ask for a demo before finalising any deal to purchase any POS software.

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