Boori Sleigh Cots

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Published: 30th July 2012
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Boori Sleigh Cots

Boori Sleigh Cots have been gaining popularity for their ergonomic style and ease of use. It is one of the most sought after cots in Australia. Its sturdy looks and compactness makes it one of its kinds. Itís compact yet big. This beautiful cot is made from Araucaria Timber with a Polyurethane finish. It has a 2 level changeable base, one handed drop side device and comes complete with a 5-year structural warranty. It converts from a cot to a King Single Bed. Most of the parents love it. The Boori Sleigh Cots are great cots and got lots of use and no issues. Parents are generally happy with its stability and size as it is bigger than standard cot. The drawer provided is very handy for storing toys or other things. There is however only one disadvantage. Because the cot is made of soft teak, babies with growing teeth tend to chew on the cots leaving teeth marks. But thatís a small price to pay. After all your little bundle of joy is worth it. Plus itís a bit expensive too, compared to other varieties of cots.

Boori Classic Cots

Parents love this cot; itís rock-hard and finely made. The drop down side is so easy to do, and it can be done with one hand which is great if one has a sleeping baby in his or her arms. Best of all the cot converts into a toddler bed so can be used for many years. All that is needed is to change the mattress. Bedtime is the time your little bundle of joy is out of site, this cot is so strong and well built it leaves no room for concerns.

Boori Cots

Boori Cots are made up of strong woods so they last for quite sometime. They are sturdy, ergonomic and easy to handle. Boori Cots are simply gorgeous cots - worth the money, if itís in the budget. After all one has to shell out good amount of money to get quality stuff. One thing was noticed though that the normal sheets were too tight, so it also required 'bigger' sheets, which generally cost more because normal stores didnít stock them! Boori cots also seem to have good re-sale value!

Boori Furnitures

Boori Furnitures too are a bit expensive but worth it. Quality matters the most! Boori Furnitures offer a variety of options that include Ė

a) Boori 2 Drawer Combo Changer
b) Boori 4-Drawer Chest
c) Boori 5-Drawer Chest
d) Boori Original 3 Tier Changer
e) Boori 6-Drawer Dresser
f) Boori 6-Drawer Slimboy

Cheap Cots

There is variety of choices when it comes to buy a cheap cot. However, quality of the product should never be compromised. Choose from a range of bright, safe and sturdy cots at great prices. There are choices of designs, sizes and colors to choose from. Once you buy a cheap cot you can also buy a wide variety of accessories like mattresses, pillows, bed covers etc. There are mattresses that perfectly fit the cots so your baby can sleep safely. They are machine washable covers to help you keep them clean and fresh and you can add waterproof mattress protector for those little accidents. Itís made of a non-breathable material, so shouldnít go under your babyís head.

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